Please review this manual concerning becoming a USA Gymnastics judge:
Training Manual for New Judges


1. You need to sign up for a exam through USA Gymnastics. Once you click on the following link
- click here - please follow these directions:
This will bring you to the Judges Accreditation page.
Click where it says "Click here" on that page to see the exam sessions/locations and to register.
Click on the exam you would like to sign up for and follow the directions.

2. Once you pass the exam, you will need a USA Gymnastics Professional Membership, Safety Certification and Background Check.
Please click on the following link - USA Gymnastics Member Services -
and click on "Become a Member" in the menu on left.
Under "Athlete, Coaches, Judges, and Teachers Memberships", click "Professional" and Create Account.
When you have done that, go back to "Member Servies", and click "Become a Member: again.
Under "Requirements", click links for "USA Gymnastics Safety Certification" and then "Background Check".

3. You will need to purchase a Code of Points for compulsory, optional and Xcel gymnastics (only Optionals if testing Optionals).
Click on the following link
and follow these directions:
Scroll to the Education link on the left side of page. Click Education Courses.
Click on "Bookstore".
Click "Rules & J.O. Materials: on the dropdown menu on left.
Scroll down and these are the following items:

*Women's JO Code of Points: Item #3117
*Women's JO Compulsory Book: Item #3111
*Xcel Code of Points: Item #3105

4. Get a NAWGJ (National Assoc of Women's Gymnastics Judges) membership here
In the membership page NAWGJ website, scroll down and click on "Join NAWGJ".

5. After all this is done, you will email your Nor Cal SJD, Lori O'Dell with our current rating card. You can find this card with the following directions:

Go to
Member Log In (log in) (grey bar right under the menu at the top)
Member Services
Membership Services Menu
My Profile
School of Judging
Print Card

It should be a one page document...a letter from Connie Maloney with the rating card on the same page.

You will also email the SJD your contact information, including: Full name, address, home and cell phone and email.

SJD, Lori O’Dell email:

All of these things must be done in order to be added to the assigning list.

Good luck and hope to see you judging in Northern California!


USA Gymnastics School of Judging