CPE - Continuing Professional Education

A message from our CPE Coordinator, Kathy Lopes:

Hi Everyone,

Another judging year has flown by and it is time for you to get your
CPE logs turned in. Please send them to Kathy Lopes, 479
Bettencourt Lane, Marysville, CA 95901, or email:
klopes479@comcast.net. If you attained your rating before June of
2014, I need a CPE log from you. If you attained your rating after
that please email me and tell me when you received your rating so I
can note it on my list of judges and not keep bugging you for it.
Judges who do not get their logs in miss out on meets so get them in
right away!

The logs can be found on the USA Gymnastics website under forms. I only
need the log not the papers that you get signed at each event you
attend. Keep these in case you are audited by USAG. We had 2
judges that I know of audited this year.

I will be looking forward to a full mailbox and inbox in the coming

Thank you,
Kathy Lopes