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BOARD 2017-2019

Announcing Your NAWGJ NorCal State Governing Board (SGB) for 2017-2019

Lori O'Dell Email - NorCal State Judging Director
Patty Shipman - Financial Advisor (Appointed)
Kat Sgamba - Education Director (Appointed)
P.J. Slater - Assigner, Fall Judges Cup Committee Chair
Scott Slater - Technology & Web Director, Assigning Committee
Maureen Koehler - Assigning Committee, Special Committees/Creative Projects Committee
Dona Jones - Education Coordinator, New Judge Liaison, Judges Cup Qualifier Committee
Leesa Berahovich - Education Coordinator, Finance Committee, Administrative Coordinator
Evelyn Paradis - Coach/Athlete Ambassador, USAG State Administrative Committee Liaison, Judges Cup Qualifier Committee
Donna Franzini - Special Committees/Creative Projects Chair

More Detail on the Board Duties

NAWGJ NorCal Assigner:

• Use database and computer programs to maintain a current contact list of all qualified and active judges
• Must disseminate to membership proposed meet schedule for respective season
• Gather and compile judging availability
• Responsible for timely and appropriate judging assignments for every NorCal meet, as well as timely notification of that assignment to respective judges and meet hosts.
• Maintain constant and open line of communication with the SJD
• Keep judging schedule current on website

NAWGJ NorCal Administrative Coordinator:

• Assists SJD on projects and research such as budget development, finances, meetings, training, fundraisers, etc. Ensures efficient completion of projects and research by deadlines.
• Attends all board meetings, and in the absence of SJD, the Administrative Coordinator presides and calls meetings to order
• Communicates proper notice of board meetings and ensures timely distribution of meeting agendas
• Records, manages and distributes organization's meeting minutes, as well as submits minutes for timely posting on website
• Maintains working knowledge of organization's records and related materials to support and advise on governance issues and meeting legal requirements

NAWGJ NorCal Website Director:

• Intensive, initial preparation of content for website
• Creates, collects and organizes material for submission to maintain an effective website
• Maintains open line of communication with the SJD at all times for direction and approval of website content
• Updates website as needed-at a minimum, weekly

NAWGJ NorCal Education Lead:

• Serves as the "point" judge in our community for all technical and education questions and issues, under the auspices of USA Gymnastics
• Oversees and manages a team of education coordinators representing the North, South and Bay Areas of NorCal.
• In conjunction with the SJD, establishes, provides and schedules educational opportunities for NorCal judges
• Updates Website Director as needed, at a minimum weekly, with technical updates, upcoming education events, and submits a monthly website column on a technical and/or education area of interest and/or concern

NAWGJ NorCal Education Coordinators (North, South and Bay Area):

• Assists the Education Lead in carrying out her/his duties
• Oversees and manages a bi-annual training session (one compulsory season and one optional season) in her respective region under the direction of the Education Lead and the SJD.
• Timely submits a summation of those training sessions (points of interest, pictures, etc.) to the Website Director for posting
• Serves as head mentor and support for judges in her respective area (location)
• In conjunction with the Education Lead and the SJD, ensures every new judge is partnered with a Level 10 or higher rated judge in her region who is geographically close for extra support

NAWGJ NorCal Athlete/Community Ambassadors:

• Build healthy relationships within the NorCal gymnastics community at large
• Serve as initial point of contact when concerns or issues arise re:athletes, coaches and/or community, diffuses those concerns/issues/channels to SJD
• Contribute quarter annually to the NAWGJ NorCal website with a story of interest
• Travel to assigned competitions, specifically serving as National Judges Cup Athlete Representatives:
• Attend the Level 7 Qualifier in December, contribute to and attend team/parent meeting after qualifiers are announced
• Attend National Judges Cup and accompany NorCal's Level 7 Judges Cup Team Athletes at the National Judges Cup in January of each year
• Help organize and assist with travel, accommodations, athlete activities before, during and after National Judges Cup
• Arrange and order athlete attire, bags, etc.
• Contribute story to the NAWGJ NorCal website on the trip and competition, as well as any pertinent information leading up to the event